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Brand Strategy

More than a name and a logo, name or slogan — your brand is every level of interaction with your company. Protokl helps brands define what they stand for, the promises they are making, and the personality they convey in their day-to-day interactions.


Through these deep dives, bringing together research about the market and understanding of consumers, we develop advertising, communications, and creative content that not only grab attention but interest and action—because they’re based on true understanding of the consumer.

Social Media and Digital Marketing

Protokl helps brands foster conversations by launching relevant content into the interwebs and or sparking conversations betweens brands and ueinces to create dialogue that drives engagement and value for consumers.

PR and Communication

Great PR goes beyond a press release, it’s about building relationships that drive business strategy. Our 360 approach combines communications, media, influencers, and promotions to make sure brands are interacting with their consumers on and offline.