Get Big B’s Cookie Adventures delivered to your inbox every month with your Fanbox subscription and with your PLUS subscription you’ll also receive exclusives from Big B himself including PLUS member videos and fun content. You’ll also have the chance the chance to be featured as a character in an issue of the comic!


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Not only do you get a comic every month, you get awesome goodies like these: a digital certificate and letter from me, behind the scenes art of the comic to life, and more!

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  • exclusive content directly from Big B

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  • playable sessions with Big B

  • the chance to be featured in an issue

Fanbox PLUS- Subscription

The Fanbox PLUS is a premium annual subscription meaning you only pay $45 for a whole year of comics and extras delivered to you inbox. PLUS- you’ll get extra goodies directly from me, Big B!

The Fanbox PLUS is annual because we want you to enjoy the comic and Big B goodies every month without having to worry about an ongoing fee!

What You Get

Every month, you will receive a new digital comic adventure featuring Big B, Lucky Nugget, and all their friends from the Cookie Kingdom. You can read the comic on your phone, tablet, or desktop.

In addition, the Fanbox PLUS premium membership includes exclusive downloads you only get with the annual subscription. We’ll send you wall papers, exclusive content, gaming assets, and whatever fun stuff we can think of each month.