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Upcoming Events

Here are a few of the next events I’ll be attending online and in real life.

“The official Minecraft community event!”

“The official Minecraft community event!”

MineVention Feb 9th Dublin

Feb.9th I’ll be in Dublin for MineVention. If you love Minecraft as much as I do, I hope to see you there!

“A weekend of non-stop gaming.”

“A weekend of non-stop gaming.”

Insomnia April 19-22

Insomnia is a great event that I may be attending. If so I’ll be having fun and playing games with everyone pril 19-22 in Birmingham. Check back soon!

I’ll be attending more events and sharing them

I’ll be attending more events and sharing them

Upcoming Check Again Soon

I’ll be attending other events and posting more info, so be sure to check this page often and sign up for my mailing list!


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